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Single Item Pickup and Bulk Pickup For Recyclable Products Including Plastic, Scrap Metal, Aluminum, Computers, Miscellaneous Electronics, Cardboard, Refrigerators, Mattresses, Box Springs, Bed Frames & Tires.

Large & Bulk Trash Pickup: Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Mattress Disposal etc…

Generally, household waste that is too large to be disposed of in your regular curbside trash container is referred to as “bulk waste.” We offer an affordable bulk trash pickup service for recyclable items and general trash disposal. Our service includes lifting, loading and hauling away bulk trash, such as couches, lamps, rugs, mattresses, children’s playsets, and large appliances without refrigerant (Freon). In order to receive an accurate quote, please call or text a picture of your bulk trash to Prices Dumpster Rental (937) 580-0883. You can also email a picture of your bulk waste to [email protected]


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Mattress Disposal & Recycling Dayton Ohio

One of the most common questions we hear is, “how do I dispose of a mattress?” The answer is simple: contact “Prices Dumpster Rental Dayton Ohio” and we will pick up and dispose of mattresses, box springs, bedroom suites and bed frames. We take pleasure in recycling mattresses and providing a cleaner and more eco-friendly Dayton, Ohio. Mattress disposal cost is $99.00, which includes pick up, loading, haul away, EPA fee, disposal fee & plastic mattress bag. Contact us at (937) 580-0883 to schedule a pick up.

Bulk Pickup, Junk Removal & Recycling Services Throughout Dayton, Ohio

Prices Dumpster Rental and Junk Removal Dayton OH


Prices Junk Removal Dayton Ohio: We provide bulk pickup for nearly all types of household debris, including old furniture, TV’s and electronics. If you have single items such as a washer, dryer, mattress, box spring, bedroom set, piano or water heater, we will load and haul away those items as well. If your junk removal job or bulk pickup includes items that can be recycled, we will separate, sort and send them to recycling services.

Bulk Pickup or Junk Removal? We offer two packages for bulk junk & trash removal!

Package 1 – We provide the dumpster & the labor

Package 2 – We provide the dumpster only

Text Us To Receive a Free Quote For a Single Item Pickup, Bulk Pickup or Junk Removal Job.

Step 1 – Take a picture of the item(s) you’d like hauled away

Step 2 – Text pictures of your item(s) to (937) 580-0883

Step 3 – Within 30 minutes we will return a text with your quote.


Prices Dumpster Rental is proud to be a part of a nationwide initiative that involves tire recycling. With millions of tires being replaced every year, proper tire disposal is an important factor in maintaining and sustaining a healthy ecosystem. Federal Law prohibits tire disposal in landfills. Tire disposal and hauling rates are calculated by the ton. If you have old, used tires that you would like to recycle, please give us a call.


When it comes to wood pallet recycling in Dayton, Ohio, Prices Dumpster Rental has you covered. We provide affordable pallet collection, pallet removal and pallet disposal service in Dayton OH. Pallet pick up service is provided throughout the Greater Miami Valley region. Wooden pallet scrap is collected & hauled away, then reclaimed & refurbished. Recycled pallet wood can be refinished and reused.