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Thank you for visiting “Prices Dumpster Rental Dayton Ohio.” We are excited for the opportunity to share more about us, our beginnings, what we do and who we are. We are just as excited to learn more about you, your business and your expectations when doing business with us. Prices Dumpster Rental is a small, local, family owned dumpster business located in Dayton, Ohio. Prices Dumpster Rental was created with cost in mind after noticing an immediate need for affordable dumpster rental throughout the Dayton region.


Prices Dumpster Rental is hyper focused on providing an unmatched level of customer service throughout the dumpster rental industry. When you order a dumpster from Prices, you can count on us to deliver your dumpster on time, every time! If you order an in stock dumpster before 10:00 A.M. we will happily provide same day dumpster delivery. When working with Prices Dumpster Rental, you’ll notice differences such as:

  • Same day dumpster rental when ordering an in stock dumpster before 10:00 A.M.
  • Dayton Ohio’s largest inventory of residential dumpsters.
  • On-time dumpster delivery and pick-up that’s tailored to your schedule.
  • The most affordable dumpster rental prices in Dayton, Ohio.
  • Clean, well-maintained vehicles and dumpsters that are regularly painted.
  • Courteous, professional team members who answer your call and your questions!
  • No Third Party! We stock large numbers of construction and residential dumpsters.
  • To order a dumpster call or text Prices Dumpster Rental at (937) 580-0883

Prices Dumpster Rental Dayton Ohio also provides local hauling and disposal services. We haul junk and deliver mulch, dirt, gravel, landscape stone and many other materials. Same day service may be provided when our scheduling allows on an as-available basis.


Prices Dumpster Rental Dayton Ohio can only accept non-hazardous solid waste at this time. When hiring Prices Dumpster Rental to Haul away junk, the customer agrees not to deposit any waste that is liquid, or any waste that is or contains radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, bio-hazardous, infectious, toxic or hazardous waste or substances (“Prohibited Waste”) into our containers.

Prohibited Waste includes, but is not limited to tires, paint, herbicides, pesticides, electronics of any kind and large tree stumps. Appliances including refrigeration and air conditioning items are not allowed unless the customer has certification that they no longer contain refrigerant and customer has provided valid certification to Prices Dumpster Rental before service is provided.

If you are ordering a dumpster from Prices Dumpster Rental and you are unsure if your debris is considered “hazardous waste,” please contact us immediately by calling (937) 580-0883. If you would like to see a more detailed list of hazardous materials, please click HERE!

What Can You Put in a Dumpster Rental Dayton OH



Title to and liability for prohibited waste shall remain with customer at all times. Prices Dumpster Rental shall have the right to inspect, analyze or test any waste delivered by customer. If customer’s waste is reasonably believed to be prohibited waste, Prices Dumpster Rental can, at its discretion, reject the prohibited waste and return it to customer or require customer to remove and dispose of the prohibited waste at customer’s expense. Customer shall indemnify, hold harmless and pay or reimburse Prices Dumpster Rental for all costs, damages, and fines incurred as a result of or relating to customer’s deposit of prohibited waste in our containers. By utilizing the services of Prices Dumpster Rental, customer agrees to comply or conform to these terms and conditions, including costs of inspection, testing, and analysis.


Disposal charges are directly related to the gross weight of the dumpster. Customer’s use of Prices Dumpster Rental service includes the cost of hauling and disposing of up to 4 tons of debris in a dumpster. Additional charges will apply to debris in excess of 4 tons. In no event will customer load debris weighing 5 tons or more into a dumpster. Dumpsters may not be filled above the top edge as this is a direct violation of ODOT rules and regulations. Prices Dumpster Rental reserves the right to refuse hauling of containers filled over the top or containers that exceed the legal weight limit. Prices Dumpster Rental also reserves the right to terminate service if the customer does not abide by these regulations.


Customer agrees to pay for truck and driver time if a dumpster is overloaded, overweight, or if the dumpster itself or the location designated by the customer is blocked so that we cannot complete the service. The designation of fees associated with any of these failed service attempts is a trip charge, and this charge may be assessed at rates up to $265 per event. Relocation of a dumpster from one job site or location to another may also be assessed at rates up to $265 per event, or higher, depending on distance and time involved.


Customer agrees to pay all invoices generated by Prices Dumpster Rental upon receipt. Customer agrees that any account that is past due 30 days or more is deemed delinquent and Prices Dumpster Rental shall have the right to terminate service under this agreement. The customer also agrees that a late fee of 1.5 percent per month shall apply to customer’s account if it becomes delinquent. Should Prices Dumpster Rental be forced to initiate collection action against a customer’s account, customer agrees to pay Prices Dumpster Rental reasonable costs associated with collection, attorney fees, and court costs.


All containers and equipment used to provide the service to the customer is and shall remain the property of Prices Dumpster Rental. Customer assumes responsibility for any damage to dumpsters beyond normal wear and tear. Customer agrees to provide Prices Dumpster Rental with access to its containers at all reasonable times in order to provide dumpster service. Customer agrees that all dumpsters shall remain in the spot the dumpster was originally delivered and dropped. Customer acknowledges that Prices Dumpster Rental shall not be liable for any damage to driving surfaces resulting from Prices Dumpster Rental trucks, containers or dumpsters.


We appreciate the opportunity to serve the Dayton Ohio and Greater Miami Valley Region. We promise to try our best to serve the needs of all clients and potential clients in need of dumpster rental services. If you would like to order a dumpster or you have a general question or concern related to Prices Dumpster Rental services, please contact us by calling or texting (937) 580-0883.